Our extrusion services encompass designing and specifying all forms of extrusions, whether the target material is plastic, aluminum, rubber, coextrusion, flexible/rigid, or other materials. What’s more, we are adept at the bending and forming of all shapes, and we continue to offer extrusion of Design Flex™ brushes to meet customer needs as required.

We routinely work to customers’ existing designs, and our expertise with the extrusion of aluminum and plastics enables us to step in during the design phase as a value-added development partner.

Moreover, Felton continues to pursue new technologies in order to drive quality and comprehensive extrusion services.

Co-extruded Bulb Seal

We have the ability and expertise to co-extrude multiple types of plastics or rubber to create unique bulb seal shapes to fit customers’ applications.

Aluminum Extrusion

Felton offers extrusion of all grades of aluminum, in multiple shapes and profiles.

Rubber Extrusion

Felton is able to design and specify all extruded rubber shapes and profiles, including those that meet flammability requirements.

Aluminum Heat Sink

In addition to offering secondary machining services, we can deliver aluminum heat sinks to required forms and profiles.

MSB-Extruded Brush

Our capabilities include the extrusion of Design Flex™ brush-strip designs, utilizing multiple types of filaments.

Clamping Ring Profile

Felton is able to form, bend, and weld most extruded aluminum profiles.