Business Equipment and Packaging

Felton’s business equipment-oriented products cover a range of moistening, static-control, wicking, and stenciling applications. Whether we provide filament-based products or assemblies manufactured through extrusion, injection molding, or other technologies, these products find use in moisture application—where they are a critical part of effective adhesive activation—as well as financial and medical applications. In the latter case, Felton has developed a unique wear band to provide a superior seal for use in existing carrier systems.

Carriers for Financial- and Hospital Institutions

Wear bands are a tried-and-true means of creating a tight seal in these applications. Felton’s latest design dramatically improves mobility, performance, and wear-band life.

Moistening Products

Felton brushes use capillary action to draw water for application to envelope flaps, providing an even distribution of water along envelope flaps.

Static Control

Our filament products reduce static in paper-feeding machines, a critical means of reducing misfeeds and preventing equipment damage.

Wicking Products

When it comes to even water distribution from tank to pad, trust Felton.

Tape Dispensing Brushes

Our brush products harness capillary action to move water for adhesive activation.

Stenciling Products

A professional stenciling job requires even ink flow; Felton offers a number of filament products to fit every need.