Grounds Maintenance

Felton’s brushes and brush assemblies come into play in a number of court-cleanup, turf-maintenance, and greenskeeping applications. With an integrated design, manufacture, and assembly/fabrication approach, these grounds-maintenance offerings can take the form of assembled, extruded, or injection-molded brushes, as well as the assemblies that help you put those brushes to work.

Lawn Sweeping

Felton filament products—the superior choice for leaf- and other debris pickup—find use in virtually every lawn sweeper available on the market.

Drag Brooms

Our brush assemblies are used in grooming equipment for leveling, cleaning, and manicuring rough surfaces.

Turf Groomers

Another step in the grooming process, these products include secondary cutting wheels to ensure a consistent cutting height, and rear-roller power brushes to prevent debris buildup on the rear roller for greens mowers, aiding in cutting evenness and precision.

Line Cleaning

When combined with a drag broom, Felton’s line sweepers (with brushes) quickly and effectively clean and prepare the court surface.

Drag Brush Attachments

Drag brush attachments are used on turf-grooming equipment, lifting turf prior to cutting for a more even cut.

Shift Lever Seals

For golf carts, tractors, and other vehicles, devices and control levers can cause unsightly intrusions. Felton provides a consistent means of minimizing their impact on the overall aesthetics.