Felton utilizes SolidWorks, Inventor, and ProE as its primary solid-modeling tools to create complex machine designs and tooling details in support of customer engineering requirements. With Mastercam as our central CNC programming tool, and a wide range of translation capabilities, Felton is able to machine parts to complex customer geometries or our own designs.

When it comes to rapid prototyping, Felton supports customers by means of quick-turn CNC machining or stereolithography; either way, customers can go from on-screen design to solid part in short order.

Solid Modeling

By machining to “true-part intention,” solid modeling allows on-screen machining to solid-part dimensions in order to reduce machining time, cut costs, enhance quality, and improve time to produce actual parts.


Felton uses computer-aided design to reduce design errors and visualize part fit and performance. Like solid modeling, this controls costs and streamlines procurement while accelerating time-to-market.

Functional Video

We offer remote engineering design review through the use of solid modeling video. By using web access and a shared-desktop methodology, designers and users can watch parts fit, thread, connect, and more in a pseudo-working environment.
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Machine Design

Felton’s custom design services— along with complete machine design—help us fit any and all customer needs. This includes automated tooling- and jig design, as well as assembly tooling.

Reverse Engineering of Parts

Felton begins with dimensional analysis of customer parts; from there, we create a CAD file, machine (via CNC) and supply the finished part along with documentation to enable future manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping

With our stereolithography services, Felton’s rapid prototyping is a fast, easy way to create real parts directly from CAD drawings. This puts 3D parts in the hands of designers and engineers in order to help them prove concepts before committing to the time and expense of metal prototypes.