Employee Ownership

At Felton, one of our defining differences is the unmistakable passion and commitment of the entire team.

It’s difficult to capture a corporate culture in words. In order to be understood, it has to be felt. Our customers and business partners, though, claim they do feel the difference the minute they walk through our front door. This culture is forged through the clarity of our mission, the commitment of our people, and the shared ownership we enjoy under our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Employee ownership does not guarantee success for any company. We’ve found, however, that it’s the ideal mechanism for Felton to inspire employee involvement.

Established in 2004, the Felton ESOP is just hitting its stride. Felton partners demonstrate great pride in all we do, and that pride manifests clearly in the ways we treat each and every employee, vendor, and customer.

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“As a member of the Felton ESOP committee, I have the opportunity to work directly with each of our partners on various high-visibility projects. Together, we seek to empower employee-owners to constantly improve the quality of our products and overall customer satisfaction.”

Larry Nieder

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“To me, our ESOP means a sense of community. It’s employee-owners working together as one team to share the common goal of ensuring the success of our company. And this is a company that everyone can be proud to own.”

Maryann DiBenedetto

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“The creation of the ESOP in 2004 has fostered and strengthened an employee-engaged, solutions-based organization, which has always been our goal at Felton.”

Mark Godfrey
ESOP Trustee, Chairman

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