Felton’s highly engineered aerospace assemblies are designed to improve cabin interior performance. All-polymer construction enables us to meet customer needs without sacrificing light weight. Constructions range from woven fabric and filament to custom-extruded shapes using thermoplastics and other polymers. We provide complete assemblies with co-molded or insert-molded, sonic-welded, heat-staked, or pressure-sensitive adhesive designs.

Felton’s full-service CNC machining capabilities include ProtoTrak milling, and assembly and fabrication of machined parts, further widening the scope of offerings to aerospace customers.

Where required, Felton assemblies meet the relevant flame resistance requirements (FAR 25.853) for the aerospace industry. Materials can be specified with extremely low surface friction, or superior compression set, hardness, or weather resistance to meet performance and regulatory guidelines.

Concealing Gaps

Lightweight polymers meet any and all visual and mechanical requirements, assuring a lightweight seal that will withstand the rigors of use and blend with surrounding parts.

Guiding Window Shades

Flexible-backed, filament-based polymers guarantee smooth travel and proper closing even after tens of thousands of movements.

Sweeping Surfaces

For tray-table and seat-track applications, filaments play a complex role; Felton polymer assemblies hide unsightly mechanisms from view while allowing them to operate unhindered.

Controlling Noise and Vibration

The application of low-profile, flexible polymers between compartments will prevent unwanted noise; Felton polymer filaments are equally effective for proper sealing of doors, compartments, and pass-through mechanisms (including console- and foot controls) to ensure quiet cabins in private air- and rotorcraft.

Filtering Dust

Felton’s extruded filaments block particulates and maintain necessary airflow without dust buildup, allowing equipment to stay cool. We meet this key requirement for delicate electronic systems through a number of assembly and product approaches.

Sealing Doors

Our tough, lightweight extrusions can be easily retrofit to aluminum lavatory doors. For one- and two-panel doors, whether folding or stationary seal, Felton brings the material expertise needed to meet these special mechanical challenges and withstand thousands of flex- or compression operations.