Felton’s automotive-specific assemblies can be found closing gaps, hiding mechanisms, controlling vibration, dampening noise, and much more. Our CAD design capabilities, which make it possible for us to “talk” to virtually any software without translation, are an important part of our success in this market. From samples and prototypes to production-scale manufacturing, Felton is ready to meet a wide range of applications.

Constructions range from woven fabric and filament to custom polymer-extruded shapes including thermoplastics and co-polymers. We provide complete assemblies with insert- or two-shot molded, sonic-welded, heat-staked, or pressure-sensitive adhesive designs.

Where required, Felton assemblies meet the FMV SS302 spec for flammability. Materials can be specified with extremely low surface friction, or superior compression set, hardness, or weather resistance to meet performance and regulatory guidelines.

Noise and Vibration Control

Vehicle assemblies and component parts rarely flex in unison, and the results can be annoying at best: a squeaking dash, vibrating parts, or wind resistance on a sunroof. Applying low-profile flexible polymers between assemblies can reduce or eliminate unwanted noise.

Airflow Separation

Felton offers extrusions in a variety of configurations—including bulb, bristle and pile—to maintain air flow integrity between engine and passenger compartments. These various sealing techniques are compatible with any and all wires and shafts that may penetrate the firewall and create openings.

Hiding Gaps

Rubber, plastic, filament—there's no shortage of materials to hide gaps. But will it blend or contrast with surrounding parts and stand up to thousands of passes from a seat belt or hydraulic arm? Felton assemblies are designed with lightweight polymers that conform to the strictest visual and mechanical requirements.

Track Sweeps

Felton’s filament products successfully meet multiple needs in this critical automotive application, closing unsightly seat tracks while still allowing freedom of movement and remove track debris.

Articulated Headrests

Rely on Felton to close unsightly gaps that appear when articulated headrests move into the folded position.

Console Close-Outs

Mechanisms protrude into the interior from many areas. Felton’s automotive products provide a consistent form and function throughout the vehicle, for hand brakes, headrests, hinges, hydraulic arms, latches, seat belts, and steering columns.
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