Mass Transit

Felton’s highly engineered mass transit constructions are designed to improve seals and enhance interior performance. We provide complete assemblies with polymer and aluminum extruding, injection molding, sonic welding, weaving and machining. The end result is a wide array of products for door, window, master controller, and seating applications. Felton assemblies find use in all manner of mass transit modes, including bus, rail, and “people movers” (e.g. escalators and elevators).

Felton’s full-service CNC machining capabilities include ProtoTrak milling, and assembly and fabrication of machined parts, widening the scope of offerings to mass transit customers.

Materials can be specified with extremely low surface friction, or superior compression set, hardness, or weather resistance to meet performance- and industry requirements.

Master Controller Seals

Felton’s mass transit products seal out debris and visually hide cavities, helping you to conceal gaps around mechanisms such as shafts, power lift gates, e-brakes, and seat hinges.

Floor Track Sweeps

Felton’s mass transit products close unsightly seat tracks and remove debris from the track, allowing complete freedom of movement.

Window Frames

Felton custom forms, fabricates, and assembles precision-fit plastic or aluminum extrusions to meet customer specs. For both new OEM and reconditioning applications, our combined fabricated frames and sealing products offer superior weatherproofing.

Spray-Suppression Skirting

Brushes reduce spray to keep vehicles clean; our filament technology allows air to flow freely through the bristles. Significant spray reduction improves both motorist- and driver visibility.

Escalator- and Elevator Products

Our technical capabilities enable designs with materials ranging from highly flexible polymers for easy contouring to high-strength rigid materials. By sealing the gap between the escalator and side wall, we prevent injuries caused by clothing entanglement, ensuring compliance with state and federal safety standards.

Door Seals/Rubber Gaskets

Polymer- or metal-backed door seals conform to protect from snow and ice buildup. Our filament technologies are now the preferred material over rubber gaskets; by reducing friction, filaments require less power to close doors and create a suitable seal.