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Felton Heritage

A lot  can happen in 160 years.

In 1852, Abraham Lincoln was just an attorney in Illinois, Herman Melville had recently published a little book called Moby Dick, and the H.G. Wilson Company—the business that would become Felton—was founded in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Our history is an important part of the Felton legacy. Longevity lends us experience, a broad base of knowledge to draw from, and client relationships that span decades.

However, while we are determined to preserve the best aspects of our heritage, it‘s our forward-looking attitude and relentless drive to innovate that set us apart.

Felton‘s history brings with it a responsibility to move forward—to constantly re-evaluate and re-assess the ways we serve our customers, the technologies that will help us improve that service, and the capabilities required to stay ahead of the rest.

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