CNC Machining

Felton’s capabilities range from conventional machining to CNC vertical milling and CNC turning. These allow us to provide precision milling for the military, aerospace, medical, mass transit, and other industries.

From prototype or one piece to full-scale parts production, Felton offers a wide range of services, including jig machining, fixtures, automated tooling, and more. This machining strength is complemented by an ability to work with all manner of materials: aluminum, stainless- and tool steels, and plastics, as well as other engineered and exotic materials.

With a long history for craftsmanship, however, ours is a different approach to the machining process. We bring an appreciation for the machinist’s art to deliver the highest quality to each and every job.

Vertical Machining

As one of our core competencies, Felton’s vertical milling centers produce metal or plastic parts in a high-speed machining environment. From low- to high production volumes, we bring precision, quality, and cost savings.

CNC Turning

Much like vertical machining, our CNC turning centers provide high precision and quality for the production of all round parts.


Using MasterCAM as our central programming tool, we are able to create final, machined parts from wireframe drawings, CAD models or even hand-drawn sketches.


We are experienced in the machining of plastics, phenolics, a wide range of steels (tool, carbon, and stainless), and a number of exotic materials. We also have on-site heat treating capabilities.


By bringing old-school craftsmanship to modern machining techniques, we provide our customers with a high level of precision and quality; rather than just producing “parts,” we take pride in bringing our customers’ designs to life.

Rapid Turnaround

Our quick-turn machining capabilities make it possible to meet virtually any customer demand, even those on the most challenging timelines.