Concept Validation

Every innovation begins here.

Felton’s designers, engineers, and product specialists all work toward the same goals. We provide custom, technology-driven solutions to reduce assembly cost, exceed production specs, cut weight, and prolong part life.

Concept validation—an often-overlooked element of the development process—is vital for successful solution optimization. Clients who work with Felton benefit from our perspective, our objectivity, and our ability to listen. Indeed, at this early stage a fresh set of eyes often brings much-needed balance. We speak your language, and together we can examine even the most unusual angles of a project.

You can count on Felton’s designers and engineers to recommend novel, creative, and cost-effective approaches to solve problems—all while ensuring your finished product can be manufactured on a practical level.

Concept validation allows us to develop detailed plans for the success of your project—from detailed CAD drawings and prototype development, through the approval process required for final production parts.

Whether you leverage our concept ideation skills as a standalone project or one of the steps in a cradle-to-grave development process, let our strengths become your competitive advantage.  <Back