Felton’s molding capabilities cover a broad spectrum, enabling us to meet customer needs in a number of high-profile industries.

Felton continues to pursue new technologies in an effort to drive molding capabilities, including injection-, two-shot-, and insert processes. We also offer rapid prototyping capabilities and leverage time-tested, valued partnerships in a model that blends in-house and low-cost outsourcing.

Insert-Molded Track Sweep

Felton’s insert-molded, metal-strip brushes with ABS carriers are an excellent choice to keep automotive seat tracks free of debris; track sweepers smooth travel and reduce the amount of energy required for seat movement.

Two-Shot Steering Column

For applications with small radii and strict packaging restraints, sonic-welding flexible seals to carriers makes it possible to provide a consistent form and seamless transition between column and cabin.

Rapid Prototype

Felton’s stereolithography capabilities—with material options ranging from flexible urethane to structural ABS—allow customers to prove designs and verify form, fit, and function before investing in expensive tooling.


Felton manufactures brushes with customer-supplied blocks and offers value-added services such as complete assemblies with custom-molded blocks.


With shrink-wrap packaging options to make products ready for the retail shelf, Felton adds real value in the assembly phase.

Additional Capabilities

Our molding capabilities range from pin nuts and bearings to shafts, stampings, and more.