Post Processing

Felton’s prowess in post processing raw materials into a design-intent product requires many years of experience. Not only do we perform several post-processing operations, but combining them with an exemplary continuous improvement program allows us to deliver the best product to our customers with ongoing, competitive pricing.

Plastics Post Processing

Our plastic post-processing abilities include welding, heat staking, and sonic welding.


Combining bending, forming, welding, and coiling, Felton’s mechanical processing capabilities add value after the production phase.


We are able to take bristle- or crocheted products and stitch them into matting medium for headliners, closeouts, athletic field applications, and more.

Punching, Pressing, Die-Cutting

We offer on-site abilities to: punch shapes out of metal strip, bristle products, or extruded aluminum; press to bend/form steel, attach fasteners, and join metal products; die-cut, including the design and operation of all facets of steel-rule dies.

Mechanical Assembly

Felton’s kitting services are a perfect complement to our fabrication and assembly operations.